Winter: Menopause

Winter represents a season of older age and wisdom.

Similarly, the season of Menopause represents the final stage of womanhood, marking the end of your reproductive years.

Menopause is when you’ve gone 12 months since your last period however you may continue to experience menopausal symptoms after this time which we call Post Menopause. Your hormone levels will remain low and you'll no longer have a monthly period.

While some women don’t notice any menopausal symptoms, 80% of women have symptoms that can be quite disruptive.

Common symptoms include:
Hot flashes and night sweats
Irregular vaginal bleeding
Insomnia or sleep disturbance
Weight gain
Vaginal dryness and painful sex
Moodiness or depression

We understand the power natural supplements can have during perimenopause and menopause, helping the body to stay balanced and well nourished whilst easing the fluctuations women can experience during this season.

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